Published on January 31 2014

You do not have to stay out of date by using the default ringtone for your phone just because you can’t find your favorite song to apply as a ringtone. Download phone ringtones for older people, which include songs from decades ago that could have been...

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Written by Ringtones World

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Published on January 24 2014

Ringtones are a sound or alert that tells us about an incoming call or text on our phone. Ringtones are various types depending on the source from which they are generated or the format in which they are formed or on the basis of cost. Original Source...

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Written by Adams Emily

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Published on December 5 2013

Music is one of the most significant parts of every individual’s life. Some people love music because it helps to energize them and for some it works as a therapeutic element. Moreover, for some people music is a passion. Now people can experience music...

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Published on November 5 2013

Are you bored with your MP3s? Do you miss the sound of old phones where it’s just plain music? If you do, you should read this on! Since the era of smart phones, people can hardly hear old ringtones from old phones that are perhaps no longer carried anymore....

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Published on September 20 2013

All about Ringtones: Best Ringtone is the vital sonic association that alerts the user about the current communicative conditions in the cell phone. That is, when a ringtone generates sounds or song from the device, user can be able to understand that...

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Published on September 15 2013

Introduction: Sometime old are treated like the Gold. Many creative creations are looking like still alive. In the music there is no exception about to confess this. An old song may help like an old book is doing to us. It can be the bridge among the...

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Published on September 11 2013

Introduction: Ringtones is just the mechanical alerts programmed in the mobile phone to warn the user about the call that it has been made. Among the unlimited offers we are just interested in having use of this most frequently. Of course free ringtones...

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Published on September 8 2013

Ringtone is one of the demanding items. Most of the mobile lovers always want to win the exclusive ringtone. The largest growth regarding cell phones during the last decade has built an innovative and extremely lucrative marketplace dedicated to this...

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Published on August 18 2013

Cellphone is growing in rapidly over the world, most of people in world use mobile phone. Day by Day cell phone ringtone are becoming the fashion of the people. If you search in Google by writing “cell phone ringtone” You will find more than 3000000 results,...

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Published on July 8 2013

Ringtones for old phones actually sound like the sound of real and initial phones. The predecessors in the phone industry always had a ringtone that sounded like the sound of a ringing bell. It was a warbling tone that was produced electronically. Old...

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