Stay Alert and Stay Vintage with Old phone Ringtones

Published on November 5 2013

Are you bored with your MP3s?

Do you miss the sound of old phones where it’s just plain music?

If you do, you should read this on!

Since the era of smart phones, people can hardly hear old ringtones from old phones that are perhaps no longer carried anymore. By the end of ‘traditional’ phones, old ringtones somehow diminish by the technology.

The ringtones for your old phones are called polyphonic ringtones. And some of you may miss the sound you heard when you were younger than today. Today, phones are enhanced with the so called MP3s like Bayonne beat music, One Directions and much more.

Gone are the good old days where ringtones are just the ‘beep’ or the typical midi polyphonic tones. However, you can still become the first person to have the vintage ringtones on your today’s phone. As everybody is urbanized, people are looking to grab some memories from the past and feel the nostalgia- that includes an old phone ringtone.

Old phone Ringtones

Old phone Ringtones

  • Stay alert

The idea of a ringtone in your cell phone is to alert you when you have new messages, new chat, new mail, and new updates. Ringtone is something you need to keep up with the pace, the market news, the family affair and business meeting. People customize their ringtones to match their preference, their favorite, or the current trend. They are so busy catching up these newest tones that they forget there were used to be simple, classical ringtones that they may have missed.

  • Bring back the old tunes

Bringing the vintage tones to new era is very easy these days. Thanks to the advanced technology in that now the old phone ringtone is available to be downloaded online. In fact, there are websites that dedicated themselves to these old vintage phone ringtones and the number of people who downloaded these tones is quite huge!

  • Old phone ringtone free download

The best part about these ringtones, is that they are for free. To download the MIDI polyphonic ringtones, you need to install software to enable the ringtone to be played on your smart phone.

Although some polyphonic ringtones are not compatible with today’s smart phones, there are tones that can be converted to MP3- making it available and compatible to be used in any types of smart phones from Android to iOs. The MP3 polyphonic ringtones are actually recreated to be compatible with your carrier. The sound is just as good as the old days.

If your phone already supports or allow you to download old ringtones, you can simply browse the vintage sounds and download them to your device.

Downloading the free old ringtones also come in very easy steps:

1. Browse websites that provides free ringtones

2. Pick the vintage ringtones that you like

3. Download it from your PC or laptop

4. Transfer the sound to your smart phone

5. You are ready to return to the good old days!

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Old phone Ringtones

Old phone Ringtones

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