The Classification and History of Music Ringtones!

Published on January 24 2014

Ringtones are a sound or alert that tells us about an incoming call or text on our phone. Ringtones are various types depending on the source from which they are generated or the format in which they are formed or on the basis of cost.

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Various Forms of Ringtones


The ringtones which cycle one note at a time are known as monophonic ringtones.


Polyphonic ringtones are ringtones are tones which play several notes at a time


True tones are some parts of popular songs, or dialogues from films in mp3, wav or.amr format


The ringtones which are generated from the piano is known as piano ringtones


Ringtones based on classical songs or different, ‘Ras' are known as classical ringtones.

On the basis of formats

Ringtones are also classified on the basis of different file formats on which they are based.

  • Mp3

The ringtones in the format of mpeg 1 or mpeg 2 are known as mp3 ringtones. The quality of such ringtones is quite high and usually about 1 MB to 2.5 MB

  • .wav

Waveform audio file format or wav is a standard Microsoft audio format. It is typically an uncompressed audio file of size 800kb to 2 MB

  • .amr

The.amr format is an audio recording format. All the ringtones or songs we record from a phone are recorded in.amr format usually of size 300 KB to 800 KB. Ringtones can be getting from various sources.One that they can be directly downloaded from the internet as free or for a very minute cost. Some online sites offer online service to make ringtones of your choice. Applications available in the market allow you to cut the desired excerpts from your favorite song and set it as your ringtone. Ringtones have a very vast business as the customers are willing several dollars to download their favorite ringtones.

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History of Ringtones

As graham bell invented telephone he was confused that how people would come to know that someone is calling as someone would already have to say that he is calling but then what’s the use of the telephone. Then he gets an idea to create a noise to alert people that a phone is coming ant that was the time when ringtones came into existence. Then private corporations started making telephones and NEC released a telephone that came with few preset ring tones. After 2 decades, telephones were largely in demand several small and large companies began to make phone. Different companies provide their different signature tunes such as Nokia tune. Then there came a time when people started having their favorite songs and tones getting downloaded from the internet.

Some phones are provided with the software called ringtone maker, which allows you to make a ringtone of your choice and save it as your phones ringtones. Ringtones are and would always be an important part of our cell phones, even 50 years from now as they are a way to get informed that someone is calling us.

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