Old People And Ringtones ON Their Phones

Published on July 8 2013

Ringtones for old phones actually sound like the sound of real and initial phones. The predecessors in the phone industry always had a ringtone that sounded like the sound of a ringing bell. It was a warbling tone that was produced electronically. Old people prefer using such tones in their phones either to inform them of a call or a text message. It is unique and probably real therefore cannot attract so many strange looks when it rings in public as compared to today’s generation ringtones that vary. Despite the society we are living in people especially the old still feel secure in utilizing these types of ringtones since they are less offensive.

old phone ringtones

old phone ringtones

What old people take ringtones for?

Old people do not have the time to show off with their ringtones. They consider the functions of a ringtone as an alert too and not one to entertain your callers.

Most young people who consider themselves to be digital, think that it is nice to have a latest famous tune as a tone on your phone while old people don’t have such considerations and always take a tone to be more real.

Old people depict a different picture in society whereby tones considered hopeless and misused play the major tune for their notification purposes.

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Free Ringtones

Free Ringtones

Formats of these tones

Some of the tones used by old people such as MIDI – Compatible tones always sound as good as mp3 files but are always a bit old stylish and can make you sound like a real old person.

Some other tones are MP3 compatible and can play on phones that support mp3 ringtones. They may include songs that were played in the olden days before the hip hop era came into place.

The notion from childhood taught us that a bell would always ring as a vibrating metal hitting on a surface since that was the way phones were meant to be initially.

Example of the tones

Some of the best ringtones still utilized by the old may include the following.

Universal phone ring sounded like the familiar sound you hear in most old movies and probably even the TV shows of earlier ages.

Maxwell smarts shoe phone tone was a ringtone that the phone belonging to Agent 86’s shoe made.

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Old People And Ringtones ON Their Phones
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