The Old People Ringtones and Demand of Public

Published on June 10 2013

The Old People Ringtones and Demand of Public

A ringtone is the music file or musical tone or song that a cell phone plays on the event that it receives a new text message or a new call from another cell phone. The main purpose of having a ringtone on a cell phone is to ensure that the owner of the phone is alerted of the events that transpire. How do you get a free ringtone? There are many ways and each of them is simple. Firstly, you can create one yourself because that is as easy as a piece of cake. But, the way that is even easier is to locate one of the many free ringtone sites that are online. The distinction that must be made is what is free, and what a lure to get you into their site is. However, most cell phone companies have a certain agenda when giving away these freebies and that is what a person must be careful regarding.

Most cell phone manufacturers and websites offer ringtones to mobile users free or at low cost, which is also an advantage. Many web sites claim to offer free ringtones, and most of them are legitimate, but others, not so much. There are many scams and there are a couple of issues that seekers of free ringtones should keep in mind. That is the reason why a person should stay alert when shopping for ringtones.

But, the question here is not what the risks of downloading a free mobile ringtone are or what the risks of buying one are. The real question is what does the public demand and what does the public want when it comes to ringtones. Well, there are only two categories of ringtones that the public currently demands in the current era and both of these categories have seen great success in the industry.

The first category is the category of funny ringtones. Everyone loves a good laugh, especially when they experience it every single time a person’s phone rings. That is the reason why most people love to have funny ringtones as their default ringtones on their cell phones and why most people love the idea of funny ringtones.

The second category is the category of ringtones which give people a good scare. Who doesn't love to scare the life out of someone every time their phone rings? That is what has led to the success of this specific category and that is also why most people love this category so much.

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